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Why do I need to take professional development courses and workshops?

Teaching is a tough job. Some people think it is a thankless job. Teachers, being humans, respond to these stresses in different ways.

For instance, there are three types of teachers, I am told.

One type of teachers is frustrated and has given up.

The other type believe that since all my lesson plans come to me pre-packaged, all I need to do is to implement those lesson plans per instructions and I am done. They are not happy but they have come to accept the status quo;

The third type of teachers does not give up. They believe that even though their lesson plans come pre-packaged, they can make them interesting by adding their own input into them. Such teachers are always availing themselves of learning and growing opportunities aiming to become versatile human beings in the process.

The professional development series of workshops designed by the Center for General and Applied Education are for all teachers. It is our hope that all three types of teachers would avail themselves of these workshops for these workshops will energize you to keep on trying, despite all odds to be a better teacher and a versatile evolving human being for yourself if not for your students for the fact remains that:

Knowledgeable Teachers not only
Teach Better
They are also less stressed
More self assured
Highly motivating
A Joy to themselves and
A joy to be around

Take these workshops for these personal reasons not necessarily for the sake of your students but for the sake of your own growth for your studentsí growth is assured through your growth.