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Display Labs

Display labs provide a bird’s eye view of science’s tools, skills and procedures. Display labs are maintained at the Institute. These expedite teaching because the instructor can have a class see and understand a number of concepts and ideas in a hurry.

Without these display labs, knowledge of many concepts and skills get left out which leaves “holes” in the knowledge base of the student.

Instructors also not having full grasp of the field tend to leave out what they do not understand. Display labs not only remedy that situation but also enhance an instructor’s knowledge base.

Let me illustrate this point by narrating a familiar story which actually prompted us to set up display labs. When we use to tell our instructors to teach about test tubes, they would immediately answer “what is there to teach about test tubes, a test tube is a test tube”. Until we shoed them that there are at least 50 different kind of test tubes each designed to serve a specific purpose.

Our initial approach to solving this problem was to gather various test tubes and han d them to the instructor in a box with the admonition to keep them together after the demonstration. The contents of the box never stayed together after the demonstration, hence the permanent display labs came into being. Now we can’t be without them. We are always expanding them and keeping them current.

Display labs are open to the public and to the school groups on their field trips.

For more information on the Institute's Display Labs, contact the Institute.