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Future Concerns

Our future concerns are with keeping alive the idea and the insights that it has provided.This is a Herculean task requiring input from every one and every concerned institute may it be private or public. We are especially looking towards philanthropic institutions and foundations to adopt and nurture this idea. Please do not think for a moment that we are reaching out to them for money. Money can come later, if they so wish to provide. Our primary concern, however, is that they understand the vast implications this simple idea can have on our educational structure and the quality of its products i.e our students.

Everyone must also realize that implementing this idea is much less expensive than the conventional formats of teaching science now in place. At times of constrained budgets, nothing can be more useful. Cutting costs by cutting programs is not the answer for such lost programs will create voids in the overall fabric of knowlege making understanding and learning harder. Also since the lost programs will be difficult to revive, the void will become permanent, hence more damaging to retaining the cohesiveness of knowledge.

Stretching our dollars and spending them on more cost affective programs is the only sane answer. Our skills and concept based program does just that for science and we encourage you to understand it and consider implementing and sponsoring it.

It is also important to see that the idea does not get weighted down with superfluous, unfocussed and non productivie activities which may distract us from keeping the idea alive and spreading it to those who could implement it on a larger scale. Here the main concern is that we do not end up converting our institution into a research institution thus duplicating what others are more equipped to perform and deliver. Doing research in the name of research can be devastating as that sort of activity will rob the Institute from its primary focus which is education of the masses in science and only science.

It is also important to preserve the sanctity and the purposefulness of the list of concepts and skills. True, this list must grow as newer concepts and skills come to fore. But one must guard against the temptation of adding everything including the kitchen sink to the list. This task will require constant vigilance so nothing superfluous and distracting gets into the list.

An example might illustrate the importance of this need. Let us say that you were making a list of the rules of playing chess so as to show an initiate how to play the game. As long as you stay within the guidelines of including only the rules of the game and how each piece moves, you are OK. But the moment you start to through in a few of the moves of the masters for good measure, you are padding the list and you are also making it harder for the initiate to learn. Also once you get started on this path, where will you stop! This same rule need be applied to safeguarding the sanctity of the list of skills and concepts for teaching science.

Again, I must reiterate however, that the list must grow but what goes into it must be carefully scrutinized.


We do not want to deprive them of this adventure. We want them to experience the excitement of discovering the connectedness, the meanginfulness and the purposefulness of the concepts and skills as they use them to understand life, solve problems AND DO SCIENCE.