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Green Microbiology™ Workshop

A true hands-on lab based  workshop

Earn 45 CPDUs and THREE Lane credits.


Workshop start dates and duration: July 11, 2011 through July 23, 2011. Meeting Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. 10am-4.00pm. Online report due on 8/8/2011. 

Why Microbiology and why Green Microbiology™ workshop is important for you and for your students? 

Microbiology is one of those essential subjects with broader application to Science and to our daily lives than any other Science subject. Eliminating or reducing this subject to a bare minimum as has been happening across our universities and colleges since 1960s or making it into a specialty subject reserved only for the professional students  has drastically reduced public awareness of this subject affecting the quality of health and well being of our public as well as making teaching Science including Health Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science and Space Science rather difficult.

Microbiology prior to the mid fifties of the twentieth century was regarded as an essential subject for all students and its knowledge important of all member of the public. Extensive courses of Microbiology consisting of as many as thirty to sixty lectures and up to sixty labs spread over two quarters were taught as far back as the l960s. These were actual hands-on wet labs where students did everything themselves. Now the same course in many universities and colleges has been reduced to only thirty lectures and two weeks of mostly demonstration labs with hardly any hands-on component. Some universities and colleges have eliminated the lab portion altogether.

The main question thus is: How prepared are the students coming out of this watered down Microbiology course to teach hands-on science when they become instructors or science teachers specially when the knowledge and skills of Microbiology which they seriously lack have direct impact on the teaching of Earth Science, Environmental Science, Space Science, Health Science and Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and the Genetic Engineering, the areas of current and progressively expanding interests.

Reviving Microbiology to its original importance is thus essential so it can be once again taught in the same exhaustive fashion as it once was. Often, however, the fear of working with”germs”, prevents us from introducing such courses at the schools or even at the college level. The solution to this fear, unfounded as it may be, is the GREEN MCIROBIOLOGY™ curriculum where all of the essential skills and concepts of Microbiology are taught using killed organisms and where live organisms are needed, limiting their use to those belonging to Bio-Safety Level One.

Fee for the workshop is $450.00 plus $50.00 for expendable supplies.
To register for Green Microbiology™ workshop go to: Registration Form

Workshop schedule: Start date: Monday,  July 11, 2011, ending on July 23, 2011. On line written report due by 8/8/2011.Classes will meet Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Workshop format: The workshop consists of two portions. One is the lab portion and the other is the mentored E-learning portion.

The lab portion of the workshop will meet as per the workshop schedule given above.  

The links for the mentored E-learning portion of the workshop will be provided on the first day of the class. The final on line report will consist of demonstrating an understanding of the classroom material plus an understanding of the contents of the links provided. 
Certificates for 45 CPDUs and three Lane Credits will then be issued.
Workshop location: Center for General and Applied Education,
729 South Western Avenue,
Chicago Illinois USA 60612;
Phone: 312-243-7716; Fax: 312-243-2041

NOTE: Being a hands-on lab based workshop, space is limited. Teachers who wish to avail of his opportunity are urged to apply early to insure their space.

Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Center at: 312-243-7716 or E-mail to Please use Green Microbiology on the subject line.

 Riaz-ul Haque, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
University of Illinois at Chicago
Founder, Center for General and Applied Education
Phone: 312-243-7716; Fax: 312-243-2041; E-mail:

Knowledge is not power. It is the source of inner peace and wisdom which comes with knowing the whole story, not just bits and pieces of it. The latter in fact cause confusion not clarity.