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Internship & Research Opportunities

Advanced high school and college students are provided with internships and research opportunities at the Institute. These are useful for students who wish to make science their profession or who wish to train as teachers.

Internships enable students to see how the special integrative curriculum for teaching science pioneered by the Institute can help them become better scientists, technicians or teachers. Interns serve as tour guides and depending on their state of expertise, lead some of the workshops or help students with their science fair projects. They, however, are always under the tutelage of a senior staff person or a mentor.

Research opportunities at the Institute deal with issues of current interest. Topics are varied and change as the need changes. Currently, environmental issues dealing with the quality of air, water, soil and food are emphasized. Included also are the affects of pollutants on the quality of our environment and the resulting affects on our health. The participants are encouraged to search for wholesome solutions instead of generating fear which, more often than not, makes us act irrationally, often robbing our bodies of their innate abilities to maintain internal equilibrium (homeostasis) despite the onslaught of toxic substances. While fear weakens us, knowledge on the other hand makes us take rational measures to protect and preserve our health.

For internship and research opportunities, contact the center for schedule and availability.