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Mobile Labs

Science without demonstration is a lot of verbiage which not just goes one ear and out the other but it also leaves a psychological scar on the listener. He or she begins to feel that they are not cut out for science.

The reason science got popularized in olden days was because science was done in public squares. Pasteurís demonstration that he has isolated the organism which caused Chicken Cholera was done in a public square in Paris. Even though the experiment did not work (although it had worked successfully in the lab) Pasteur and the public learned a lot from this failure.

Pasteur, for instance, learned that the birds did not die because the culture, upon repeated transfers in the lab, had grown week and therefore was unable to kill the birds. He also learned that the birds which did not die because they were injected with the week culture also did not die when injected with a fresh culture. He thus ended up discovering the phenomenon of immunity and vaccination. Cultures purposely made week or killed thus began to be used as vaccines. The practice we use even today.

As part of Instituteís outreach and speakerís bureau programs, the Institute maintains Mobile Labs which are taken to the classroom or to the groups being spoken to.

For more information on the Institute's Mobile Labs, contact the Institute.