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Registration Form for Learning Lab Techniques
Rules and Tools of Science

I wish to enroll myself or my son/daughter in the four weeks Summer Science courses entitled Rules and Tools of Science.

As a parent or guardian, I will be responsible for bringing and picking up my son/daughter from the course site OR will make appropriate safe arrangements for his or her transportation (minimum age 14 years).

Student's name: Contact Phone #:
Street Address: City, State, Zip:
FAX #: E-mail:
Student Age: Student Grade:
School Name: School City:
I want myself or my son/daughter to enroll in this course to: (check all that apply)
 Become Versatile

 improve general outlook on life

 develop my, his or her potential

 increase knowledge

 acquire lab skills

 make life decisions via knowledge
 Improve Science and Math

 gain confidence

 understand the world we live in

 develop a sense of discernment

 prepare for a job