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Touring the Institute

At the present time, the Institute can best be regarded as a “work in progress.” Its aims are concrete and laudable and the activities and programs listed in this website are all being done in the Institute’s current facilities which need improvement and expansion.

Thus to invite you to tour the institute has two purposes.

One, we want you to see first hand what we have and how you can participate in its improvement an expansion. As the Institute’s founder, I am going to be around only the rest of my life. What happens to the institute after that is up to you. Let it die and the likelihood of it resuscitating are remote, very remote. Come on board now and be part of its growth and perpetuity. As long as I am around I will try to get you started the right way.

Two, to get you to have an appreciation and importance of science in your daily lives and to see first hand that science is not that hard and that it does not have be treated as the proverbial “sacred cow”. Since science affects you in more ways than you generally appreciate, it is your right to know it so you can make decisions about your personal health, about you way of life and about political issues where science often makes the biggest component and for which you generally vote without knowing much about it.

For more information about touring the Institute, contact the Institute.